What is a Domain Name?


Do Want to make an website or blog? and you need to know what is a domain name well if yes! then you are in right place.

Well when we want to make an website or blog. We need one important thing and that thing is domain. So! what is a domain name well guys domain is a name of your website or your blog.

Like google, facebook, and instagarm, that are domain names. google.com, facebook.com, instagarm.com, apple.com and samsung.com these are all domain names.

And my website name is mtecharena.com

In simple domain is the name of our website. domain is an address where user can access our website.

Domain must be registered before we can use it. A domain is unique to our website. No two or more websites can have the same domain.

If users or someone types yourdomain.com it will go to your website and nowhere else.

Price of domain typically run between 15$-20$ per year.

There are so many domain extensions choose according to your website. com, net, org, edu, govt, us, uk, and many more etc.

It’s very good if your domain match’s with your website content.

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Where to Buy Domain Name

Well you can buy your domain name from domain registrar Famous one’s are GoDaddy, Domain.com, Namecheap.

One important thing you keep in mind that when your registration period expires and you don’t renew then you lose the domain name and it will be available for the other people.

But don’t worry before your domain expiration. Your domain registrar will email you and remind you, that your registration period about to expire and they also provide auto renewal option.

More Than One Domain?

Yes! You can buy more than one domain and you also can change it.

Sell Domain Name?

Yes! You can Sell it. Domain trading is an big industry. There is a big demand for good domain names. If you want to sell your domain then considered Godaddy and Domain.com

Domain Privacy! Do You Need it?

Well it’s up to you. If you want to buy it then it’s good because after that your email, address, number and personal information will be protected.


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