Secure Bank Account: 8 Best Ways To Protect Your Money


If you want to secure bank account if yes! then you are in right place.

Secure Bank Account

When it comes to protecting our bank account. We are typically talking about protecting our bank account from hackers. Who steal our information to gain access to our bank account.

It is the time of online banking. And Now we do almost every transaction with our mobile phone or laptop.

Online Banking is very convenient. But it doesn’t come without it’s fair share of risks. So Your bank account information can be stolen if you are not careful.

Online frauds are very common now days. But You need to be very careful in online banking well here’s the list of ways to secure bank account.

Secure Bank Account

8.Use Only official App

Protect Bank Account
Official Apps

Use only official bank app instead of any third party app. Because When you go to apps store or plays store for downloading bank app.

Sometime the real bank app does not appear and people download third party app instead of official app. And don’t even see their download number ratings etc.

And there are so many apps. That provide you facility all in one banking app you download it and enter all your bank information don’t download it. It’s not good for your security.

Because you don’t know he is the person who collect all of your information bank data.

And you lose all your money. So please use only official app or website of your Bank.

7.Strong Password To Secure Bank Account

Secure Bank Account
High Password

You Download the app. Now it’s time to Set a strong Password. Letters Symbols Numbers. But It’s better if you use fingerprint or two factor authentication because it gives you extra protection.

For your account information and also for you mobile phone.

When you sign up for 2 Factor authentication you receive a text message every time to log in to your account. it gives you extra protection and it’s worth it.

You may have seen when you login to some websites or apps it gives you facility save password please never Save Password in Apps or Websites.

And also lock your smartphone with strong password.


Free Wifi
Free Wifi

If you use internet with your data connection, home wifi office wifi then no problem. but if you use free wifi or public then it’s not good for your security.

Because its very easy for hackers to track your information. Hackers can see everything including your bank account login.

5.Never Share Your Data

Social Share
Share Data

One important thing keep in your mind that never share your information with anyone pin,password etc. Bank never ask you for your information through an email, text, and call.

But if you face it just report to your bank.

4.Check Regularly To Secure Bank Account

Secure Bank Account
Check Regular

Check your bank account regularly. And check your account after every transaction. Verify that the right amount has been deducted from your account. if you see anything wrong.

Inform the bank.

3.Only Buy From Secure Sites. To Secure Bank Account

Secure Bank Account

Only buy from secure sites and never save your debit card no on website or anywhere.

2.Public Devices

Never log in to your bank account form any other unsecured device or public device like public cafes or libraries. these are public crowded places.

And there more chances of your password being traced or seen by others.

if you have to login from these devices. Make sure you clear cache and browsing history. And never allow the browser to remember your login Id password.

Public Place
Protect Bank Account

1.Security Updates

Secure Bank Account
Security Updates

And the last most important thing which people don’t considered is your device security updates. If your device is months or years behind in terms of updates.

You won’t have the latest protection against security breaches and malware.

For example you buy a new phone right now company giving you updates regularly monthly or yearly android 7.0 to 8.0, 8.0 to 9.0 but after 1 year or 2 3 year.

Mobile companies will not give any updates so when you don’t receive any security update. Then it is the right time to change you device.


Well Guys i think these tips help you to secure bank account and protecting your money in bank account.

Thank! you so much for reading this article.

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