3 Difference Between a Blog and a Website?


I think you want to make an Website or Blog, and you need to know what is the Difference between a Blog and a Website?. If i am right then you are in right place.

Difference Between a Blog and a Website?

Hi! Everyone My name is Sulman Malik, and in this article i will tell you the Difference Between a Blog and a Web.

So Let’s Started!.

Difference Between a Blog and a Website?

If You are creating a website, and you are confused, I promise you are not alone. Well, guys the basic difference is that how data is being presented in Website and in Blog.

Every Blog Is A Website But Every Website Is Not A Blog.

What is a Blog?

difference between a blog and a website

Blogs were created to have simple interface, and to make regular Posts for readers. A blog have more content than website.

A blog is a type of site that puts our new article front and center. If your plan is post, publish Blogpost regularly. Sharing news and write your views on different topics then blog is best for you.

A Blog is a type of website where the content is preserved in chronological order (newer content appear first). Blog content is often referred to as entries or “Blog post”.

Blogs are typically run by an single person or a group of people, to share information in conversational style. Blog posts also have comment section where users reply to the article.

Readers can also subscribe blog for latest updates.

You can also share you post on your social media platforms. Like facebook, twitter, pinterest, instagram, whatsapp etc.

A Blog can be easily started with Blogger and WordPress etc. that provide everything that you need in a blog. Blogger was the first real blogging platform. but now WordPress is more famous than Blogger.

Because It has so many facilities and features. more than 30% websites use WordPress.

Examples: mtecharena, The Verge, Cnet, Pocketlint, etc.

What is a Website?

difference between a blog and a website

A Website is static where content organized in pages and they are not updated regularly. And or Website is collection of webpages and multimedia content that are collated under one domain.

Websites are usually made for companies, businesses, personal, government, agencies, organizations. The main objective of websites to provide information to visitors or users.

A Website have less content than blog.

A Blog can be part of website, in the form of separate page linked to the homepage.

Examples: wikipedia, apple.com, samsung.com.

Difference Between Website and Blog

Blogs are types of website every blog is a website. but there are some differences between them. A blog have more content than web. Readers can subscribe blog for latest posts.

The main difference is blog is updated regularly with new posts or content.

But websites are static in nature where content is organized in pages. And they are not updated regularly. and web have less content than blog.

And second difference is in terms of content. Websites has pages WebPages can be stored into different categories based on their content.

For Example: homepage, About us, contact us, services, products,

Posts on the other hand are update regularly for readers or users.

Blog or Website Which One Is Better For Me

Well, To be honest the answer of this question, It’s up to you what you want to do or what your goals are.

If you want make static website for information of your business or company that doesn’t need regular update then make website. You can also add blog page on your web.

And but if you want to post regular on some topics for people to read then go for blog.

Make Money?

Yes you can make money with diffrent methods like.

  1. Best Way to make money is Google Ads. it is very popular way to make money from your web/blog just displaying ads on your web/blog and make money.
  2. Affiliate Marketing is also very good way to make money from website/blog sell companies like amazon and many more companies products on your website/blog and earn commission.
  3. Selling online courses is very good way to earn money from blog/website like beauty courses, digital courses, software learning courses, etc
  4. Selling your own products or Set up your own online store.

How to Start?

In past it was very difficult to start because of coding skills. But Well nowdays it’s very easy to start website/blog, because you don’t need any coding skills. There are so many tools that allow you to easily create blog/website without writing code.

Choosing the wrong platform is biggest the mistake, that people make. I recommend you use WordPress it is the world best platform. 30% websites use WordPress.

Well, There are two WordPress WordPress.com and WordPress.org i recommend you to choose WordPress.org because it has so many features and better than WordPress.com.

Just start you need domain name ,hosting, and a good theme.

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Well guys i hope you like this article i shared my all knowledge with you and i hope this article help you to understand the differences. if yes then share with friends and follow us on social media platforms. Peace!

And Thank You So Much For Reading This Article.

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