Best Phones To Buy 2020: 6 Best Smart Phones


If you want to buy best phone in the market right now, then you are in right place!. Here is the list of best phones to buy 2020.

Well now days mobile phones companies making very good mobile phones. And mobile phones launches very quickly.

Like samsung launches, it’s phone after every 6 months S series in feb and Note in Oct.

and many others companies Oneplus, Huawei,etc. So that’s why it is very difficult for us to choose Right one. Because smartphone is like part of our life.

We spend many hours in a day with our Mobile Phone.

And if you don’t buy a right phone for you. Then you lose all of your money&time. Because you know mobile phone prices increasing every year. So you need to take your decision very carefully.

But don’t worry i am here for you, i have the list of Best phones to buy 2020 right now. There are so much Competition in the market and all this competition benefits us users.

Samsung&Apple are the top choice of many people. But every company include some amazing tools in their mobile phone that make our life Easy&Happy.

Like 4k recording, Powerfull Processores, LiveMsg, Drawings, Oled Screens, and Amazing Cameras etc.

So without any delay let’s come to the main point. Here is the list of best Phones to buy 2020.

Best Phones to Buy 2020

6.Oneplus 7t


  • Amazing Look
  • Great Value
  • Great Software Experience
  • Very Good Performance
  • Good Battery Life
  • Good Cameras
  • 90-Hz Screen


  • No wireless charging
  • No IP Certification

Many of you know that oneplus is an very good mobilephone company and make verygood mobile phones.

Oneplus 7t provide very good value like Amoled-display, fantastic performance, snapdragon 855 Plus, 90-HZ refresh rate, triple camera system, speed charging.

That boosts your phone 50% in just 20 minutes!.

And It’s offer everything you need in a smartphone. And also oxygen OS10 based on Android 10.

5.Iphone 11.


  • Best Chip set
  • Wide Angle Camera
  • Good Battery
  • Many Color Options
  • Great Value for an Apple Phone
  • Night Mode
  • Lower Price
  • Impressive Audio


  • LCD Screen
  • No Fingerprint
  • Lower Resolution
  • No Fast Charger in the Box
  • No Portrait Lens

Apple has 3 Best phones to choose from. each with different characteristics and prices.

This Phone is very famous phone because of it’s price just 700$ for an iphone. Iphone 11 is the successor of Iphone Xr.

Iphone 11 size is the best out of any iphone bigger screen as compare to 11 Pro.And It has dual camera setup which offers very good photos. And the new ultra wide angle camera that also take very amazing pictures.

It has the same chip set same front camera, same Face Id, same wireless charging system, and same wide angle rear camera as the 11 Pro& Max. It comes with 6 colors.

Iphone 11 has the lower resolution as compare to others not even Full-Hd.

But It has apple latest chipset A13 the best processor in a market. Fastest Performance. And it’s face id system is better and secure as compare to face unlocking system in other mobile phones.

Base model comes with 64 gb storage and you know it’s not expandable so choose carefully between 64gb and 128gb.

4.Oneplus 7t Pro


  • Most Beautiful Phone
  • Best Design
  • Fast Performance
  • Fast Charging
  • 90-HZ Display
  • Clean Interface
  • 3x Telephoto Camera
  • Ultra Wide
  • Powerful Specs


  • No Wireless Charging
  • No IP Certification
  • Average Camera Performance

The most beautiful mobile phone in the market.

oneplus 7t pro has the best screen no notch no punch hole. Clean beautiful design it’s 90-HZ Display gives amazing experience. It’s pop up selfie camera also very amazing.

And it has the latest Snapdragon 855 plus Processor that makes Phone Rocket!

But there are some draw back of this phone one is it has no wireless charging. Not good to hear but 2 it has no IP certification, and 3rd last is the camera of this phone is not very good.

3.Google Pixel 4&4xl


  • Simple Design
  • Great Camera
  • 90-HZ Display
  • New Color
  • Face Unlock Works Very Good


  • Low Storage Option
  • No Ultra Wide Camera
  • Average Battery Life

Pixel 4&4XL was launched in oct, with many new features like second lens face ID and better display etc. But the main is pixel new camera. Pixel 3xl camera was also very amazing.

But newone has 2 lenses that take very great images.

Camera is the main highlight of this phone. If you want to take pictures with mobile phone then this Mobile is for you.

Pixel comes with 6.3 inch screen with 19:9 aspect Ratio with 90HZ Display.

Battery of this phone is not very good it’s only 3700 mah capacity that’s not sound fair.

2.Apple IPhone 11 Pro&Max Best Phone To Buy 2020


  • Best camera phone
  • Great Display
  • Powerful Performance
  • Fantastic Battery Life
  • Impressive Audio


  • Old Design

The only difference between 11 pro and max is the screen size, and battery capacity 11 pro comes with 5.8 inch display and max with 6.5.

The Best Camera Phone in the market with amazing powerful chip set that boost mobile phone power.

It is The best mobile phone in the market that you can buy today. New nightmode in iphone 11 pro takes very good photos in lowlight.

But the most important thing i don’t like about this Phone. It’s design it has 3 year old design that need to be improve in iphone 12.

1.Note 10 Plus Also Best Phone To Buy 2020


  • Best Features
  • Best Display
  • S Pen
  • Best Design
  • Colors
  • Quick Charge
  • Expandable Storage
  • Great Performance
  • Battery Life


  • Sorry
  • I Don’t Think So

Best android phone in the market. And the best overall Phone rightnow.

Samsung is very famous for it’s build quality and display. This phone has very amazing build quality and amazing display.

S Pen is the main highlight of this phone. it is the only phone in a market that helps you write a note in mobile phone with help of S Pen.

You can plug you phone with desktop with help DeX UI. There are also many gaming features added on this device. Finally the headphone jack remove from note device you’ll have to rely on wireless headphones.


Well Guys! Finally the article of Best Phones to Buy 2020 is finish. Every Phone is amazing phone pick your phone according to your needs.

I hope you like it Today’s Topic Best Phones to Buy 2020 if yes.! Then share your thoughts about Best Phones in comment section.And Share it with your friends.

Thank you! so much for reading this Article.

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